Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss by Musel

Ignorance is bliss said he to me,
Your thoughts only stretch as far as you can see.
Forget other troubles that hold no concern,
Create your own fire where conscience can burn.
It's here you're successful, where dreams can now be,
Ignorance is happiness and it's coming for me!

Igorance is incompetence said I to he,
You're simply afraid of what you can't see.
Around hidden corners is where life is true,
And you must understand that it's coming for you.
For in its own time life deals a bad deck,
But ignorance is happiness so you've no need to fret.

Is ignorance reality or some innate desire?
To help overcome this conscience fuelled fire.
Is it the water to quench and forget?
Or is it your view that the future is set?
Be blind to your problems and soon you shall find,
That happiness, not ignorance, has left you behind!!

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