Friday, March 16, 2012

When You Dream by Unknown

When the baby is sleeping,
And you’re all alone.
Do you think about Jupiter
Paris or Rome?

Do your thoughts become heavy
As you start to dream?
Do you think about things
You know you’ve never seen?

Are your eyes moving quickly
Or slowly at times?
Do you dream about physics
Or standing in line?

Tonight I will dream about
You and your eyes.
When I know you’re not mine
In my dreams I will cry.

A fathom of tears will be
Shed in good time.
With thoughts of us not us
Deep inside my mind.

But I know you’ll be there
For me when I wake.
And I’ll watch you slowly
Give my heart a taste. 

I know that you’re dreaming
But I can’t resist.
I lean over and give your
forehead a kiss.

You’re eyes slowly open
To see me above.
I’ll feel your heart soar
With the wings of a dove.

Sunlight now falls
On lovers in bed.
All of these memories
Fly through our heads.

The children of eight years
The house only two.
For eighty more years
I will say, “I love you.” 

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