Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'Alone! ' I cried by Mark R Slaughter

'Alone! ' I cried again. 
'Alone I am with me! 
Lonely in a world of mist
Alone, I reach to touch your wrist
And see if I am thee.’

To be alone beside a soul
Afloat, adrift; an empty ghoul
Alone in woe; the yearning flesh
To fill a thin, contorted mesh 
Diffuse atop an icy floor, alone.

So much alone in fact, I lack
The tonal vibrancy of life: 

I am a song without a tune 
A greying sky in June

The blueness of a sullen moon 
– waning in a starless night–

Coasting down a weedy pass
The only image in the glass

To meet a certain heavy fate
– to turn and shut the knurly gate– 


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