Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getaway by Matthew Broxton

I wish I could getaway, 
just for a day, 
not vacate the country, 
but an aspect of myself.

A feeling, a release, 
just for a day, 
no LSD trips or a drag of purple haze, 
under a tree maybe
and watch the swans drift by.
Be surrounded by trees, 
and create the illusion, 
of being on an island, 
in the middle of sea.

The phrase
'No man is an island'
could be true.

In the middle of the grass, 
in between the shops 
and the underpass.
Urban yet rural, 
alone but not, 
remembered but just forgot.

Spend a day in it's gaze, 
oh I wish I could just getaway, 
in spirit or through my ink, 
to be new, in a place unknown.

No money for a flight, 
not enough money for a flight, 
no wind to fly a kite, 
supersonic train or canalboat ride.

Just getaway, 
from family or friends, 
lose em for a day
and find myself again. 

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