Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JOURNEY OF A POET by "Repenter86"

Take me with you, let me come.
Let me see the yellow sun.
Bring me far to what seems great.
Away from pain, away from hate.

Take me with you on this trip.
Upon a page that wont fold or rip.
I'll sail the lines like waves of gold.
Capture every story told.

Carry me on wings so pure,
I will search to find the cure,
To broken hearts and forgotten truth.
To ripen love and lifes new fruits.

Allow me entry to this place,
So full of wonder, joy and grace.
I shall paint a smile to chase,
And wish it on every good soul's face.

Purple trees and snow white skies.
Endless scapes and sparkling eyes.
Hanging pearls and silver tools.
to mend the broken souls like jewels.

Thunderstorms and rains of fire,
Lonely cries that never tire.
Weeping earth seeping forth.
From the south right to the north

And east and west, a cowards plea.
Take the book, take not me.
Take it all they shout and I...
Choose not to follow what they cry.

Take me I beg, Let me come,
Let me see that yellow sun.
I'll sail the lines like waves of gold
Capture every story told.
From broken hearts to forgotten truth,
To ripen love and life's new fruits.

Stepping stones are spread,
across the blackest sea.
They'll let me cross and with the stars,
I'll go, I, myself and me.

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