Saturday, May 12, 2012

When I Knew I Lived by Jenn Pennings

Feet tired from my journey
and fingers tipped with dried ink,
spirit hidden in words,
and flesh captured in time.

I sought freedom along a path
dusted with old dreams,
alluring in their decay.
I saw broken prisms on the river,
bobbing on its surface
reflecting thousands of moons.

Heart beat steady
only after
it borrowed love
from the stranger once known.
Skin made raw
and laughter fell dead,
tongue-tied by apathy.

I grasped for reality
and it slipped away,
like an octopus
squirting a vile quilt
of ink to escape;
out of range, out of reach.

Mind kicked feebly
trying to place the metallic
taste in my mouth; I realized the copper tang
of blood – my blood -
and that is
when I knew I lived.

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