Monday, June 25, 2012

Forget We Ever Met by Hunter James

Lets forget we ever met
Conceive delirium and soak the sheets in our sweat.
Lets burn heredity down dead. 
Stake it to the cross and dance naked upon its bed. 
Lets turn our filters only half on. 
Blind each others spirits with the pulse of our heart song. 
Lets never say ' I love you' ever again, 
Decompose this connection of letters along with ' what's next? ' 
Lets scatter our histories into each of the five oceans, 
We'll stand barefoot and brave as the sun warms our notions. 
Lets stich our clumsy words together 
We'll dream from moonlight creating ten thousand letters
Lets kiss a simple kiss, upon the wounds of our taste tests, 
Cry and ignite deep kindles that end our loves rest. 
Please I'm at the end of my tether, 

My heart weighs more than words though lighter than a feather. 

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