Monday, June 25, 2012

Go by Chris Townsend

C'mon my saviours lay me to my rest, 
I have taken all the lessons, past life's long lost test, 
I have shed tears, pure emotional hurt, 
I have hidden myself camouflagued myself, inert, 
Look I shout from within, hear my screams, 
Listen, these powder coated, drab uncovered dreams, 
I take your head, I press it to mine, 
This isnt love, this is hell, quiet shrouded devine, 
See I am here I am deep in cover behind, 
I am watching your breath, I can feel your life force, its a sign, 
I want you to see, 
This enveloping disgusting me, 
I want you to tell, 
This all overpowering hell, 
I want the skeletons to rise to attack to hold you down, 
I want to hear when you see, I am all around, 
Why dont you just go, run, this place is not for you, 
Why cant you listen I am shouting loud enough, this isnt a hell for two, 
Feel this dark, this power, this going to let you know, 
Run, you coward, stand and face or you have to go, 
This life is cold, it burns your skin, 
Just you stand there, let me in, 
I wanted you now, I dont want you at all, 
Why is it your here, pride for your fall, 
Just in case, your deaf, you cannot hear, 
I am standing behind you, dark black covered with fear, 
I use this moment to show you the way, 
I use your blood, now go away. 

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