Monday, January 20, 2014

Not Worth the Sorrow by "Miss Misery"

Tension collects at the temples of my mind
Even though all day I've been in bed
I have yet to be fed..
All I can do is dread..

My mouth is clenched tight
My eyes sunken sad
My cheeks sag down my face
My heart hardly keeps it together

My stomach rumbles
My lips get chapped.
Slowly cracking
I feel so sad.

It feels like the tightness in my throat is here to stay
when negative men always find a way
to my vulnerable heart and nurturing soul

Losing my mind…
I'm filled with regrets
Fueled by a tsunami of rage

Who am I really mad at?
Myself or the Game?
It's not worth the sorrow, if there might not be a tomorrow.


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