Friday, February 21, 2014

Somewhere Down The Road by Nicole Cook (a.k.a. BlueTopaz)

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen you
I sometimes wonder where you’ve gone
Sometimes I lay awake in bed at night
And wonder about where we ever went wrong

I can’t help but start to wondering
If you ever think about me, as I think about you
And I wonder to myself in confusion
If you sometimes miss me too

I remember the day you said goodbye
You turned towards me, looked me in the eye and said
“Somewhere down the road you will find me again.”
And as you walked away, thoughts started up in my head

I never quite understood what you meant that day
Or why you picked that for your very last thing to have said
And I’m still highly doubting to this very day
That I will ever find you again before I’m good and dead

Those words to me will always be so dear and so true
For those might have been the very last that you have ever said to me
Sometimes I wonder what my life could ever possibly be like
If only you could somehow find the chance to set my conscience free

But until just the other day, I finally understood what you meant
“Somewhere down the road I will find you again,
I hope and pray every day that you will still know who I am,
And maybe we can stop and talk awhile and you can tell me how you’ve been.”

That’s exactly what I should’ve said back to you on that day
Maybe we could’ve kept in touch, maybe we still could have been friends
You and I had always gotten along together so very well
It broke my heart that day to finally see the end

But as I go to sleep tonight, I will think of you again
And I will wonder about where you’ve gone and what you’ve done
I’ll think back on all of the things that we have been through
And I will try to remember all our times of fun

And when I think of you, I’ll try my best to remember those words
And be in hopes that somewhere down the road, I will find you again
So maybe we can stop and talk for a short little while
And you will tell me where you’ve gone and how you’ve been

And somewhere down the road, I will finally forget about you
There will come the day when I no longer cry tears, or still feel the pain
I will forget about the fact that I loved you, the memory of your face
And that feeling in the pit of my stomach that always drove me insane

But I will not forget about everything that you were to me
And when I meet you again, it will greatly lighten my load
And as you said to me before, someday I will see you again
And I hope we will find each other again, somewhere down the road.

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