Friday, September 26, 2014

ME: Please give me a sign!..

Every night
All I see it is your face
All I reach to touch – is your hands
But in my dream
All I know that someone else
Is right there with you.
Just a bed – empty without you
But my heart is not empty without you –
I just know you will come,
I think I know!..
My hands won’t stop reaching out –
Like it’d be the first time to touch your face,
My eyes won’t sleep –
As if for the first time – every night is like this.
Every night I forget the world outside I draw you next to me - all the same
And the fear that I’ll lose you again only makes you more beautiful…

Please give me a sign!..

This is NOT an original work - only a translation of the lyrics of an old and fav song from Bulgarian

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