Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ME: Invisible (not really a poem, but a gasp in verse format)

“Home!” –
she sighed in relief
as she closed the door behind her!
But it lasted only for a second.
Only so much it took
for her reality to sweep under the door
and fill the room with emptiness.

It wasn’t hers!
And it was empty.
It was so far away
from what she knew
                               and loved…
The loneliness had clenched its fingers
Around her neck and no door
could separate them.
The cold had entwined with her hair
and would lurk through the night.
The darkness would hide in the corners
                               and under the bed,
but would never completely disappear
                               or dissolve.
The silence would whisper in her ears
                               and shout in her dreams.

But at least the others –
the others weren’t there to see her anymore!
That’s all that was important at the moment!
She’d make friends with her demons.
She’d talk to them,
read to them,
bed with them -
become part of them,
but at least no one else was around…
With their fake concerns,
with their accusations,
with their watching eyes…

At least there she was invisible!

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