Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Change by Sadichchha Paudel

Everything changes and nothing stays the same
But still, I remember promising each other
That no matter what happens we'll remain the same
We will be there, crying in each other's sorrow
And laughing in each other's happiness
But maybe the natural system cannot be altered
It showed its effect and made drastic changes in us
We were no longer able to understand each other
No longer able to look each other in the eyes
No longer able to care for each other like before.
Maybe this is my illusion and I wish it'd be too
Because I can no longer bear to see us like this 
Ignoring each other and showing off 
It is not like us, we were different
Unique and a role model to everyone
Our friendship was adored by the people we passed by
They said," Best friends should be like us!" 
But it huts remembering those precious moments
It hurts to remember that we were so close
Sharing each and every thing with each other
Caring about every little things of each other
But we are not the same anymore
Now that, we are changed...!

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