Thursday, January 22, 2015

Me God And The Devil by B, Angie C.

I've been tainted and shamed
Behind my pretty facade
Impured by lust and passion
Corrupted by silly illusions
My soul more broken than my heart.

No saint can save me now
I'm a sinner with no savior
So I ask God to just take me now
I want to feel numb forever
Numb, cold, and dead.

I didn't know innocence can be a sin
Accessory to evil plots
I fell against his will
Leaving me hopelessly scared, 
Trapped and good as dead.

No one knows I've got a secret
A secret I couldn't trust someone to keep
No one knows what I went through
The pain and misery I still feel
No one knows except me, God, and the devil too.

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