Thursday, July 23, 2015

No More Heroes by Rachel Brewer

Who is going to be left when the world ends? 
What will be left standing when the earth reigns down? 
How many will have courage and bravery? 
How many will crumble and perish? 
These are the questions of Armageddon.
These are the questions we cannot answer yet.
These are the questions only we can decide.
When the time comes to answer them.
So imagine yourself on the brink of destruction, 
And imagine all the terror and pain.
Imagine you were all alone, and scared, 
And think about what you would do.
Beating the end of the world, really? 
Would you be able to cope? 
Or would you sit in tears and wait for it? 
Wait for death to swallow you and rip you apart.
The buildings would come pouring down, 
As the cities and towns are ripped open.
The trees collapse, and the mountains will crack, 
And the only thing left, would be you.
The green grass will fade, and the sky will turn black, 
The rivers will run dry, and the oceans will suffocate.
As the deathly fires of the end creep up, 
And begin the inevitable.
So imagine the screaming, of the people being torn.
Of the mothers and fathers, 
And the children, praying to be spared, 
From the devouring monster of time. 
And there you would be, watching, 
Waiting for your turn.
Or would you? 
There will come a moment when you can do something.
Do something good.
Because when there are no more heroes, 
There will be you.
Standing firmly on your feet, ready.
Doing anything and everything you can to save the world.
One person at a time.
So as the shaking begins, and the ground wrenches apart, 
When you are tired, when you cannot bear to stand, 
Think about one thing, and one thing only.
Remember that you are the hero, 
And you can, and must, do something, now, 
Because there is no later.
So even if you do go down in flames, 
You will know in your heart, 
That you have helped save the world. 

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