Monday, August 31, 2015

The Other, Too, Is You by Peter Rosegger

What once Earth to me presented 
she's already asking back;
comes to take what she had granted, 
grasping tender speck by speck. 

Strange: the more of hurts I carried 
the more beauty showed the land; 
What I fought for, gains of merit, 
softly falling from my hand. 

And the lighter I am getting, 
the more heavily I walk: 
'Can't you, from your moistened setting, 
spare me, Earth? I beg you, talk!' 

'No, I cannot spare you, Brother, 
need you for the other one; 
out of you I'll feed the other: 
let him also see the sun. 

But relax and do not rue: 
For the Other, too 'tis You!' 

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