Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ME: I'm here

More in my face
than is my taste,
but I cannot run,
can’t lead my own way.

I can’t rewrite the play,
cannot delete the act,
can only drown
in the desert of your eyes,
wither in the tears
and choke in sobs.

I was quick to love
and to hate was even quicker.
Did not forgive
let to forget,
did not beg,
did not apologize.

Sang all the songs I knew
in a night.
Said all the words I wanted
in a day.
Killed all the dreams I had
at once…

A place in heaven
I won’t find…

A place in hell
I don’t deserve…

So I’ll wait around,
don’t look for me,
for my faith to be served.

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