Sunday, November 17, 2019

ME: Enough was not the same it was before

I woke up today
from a year-long slumber
and saw your shadow
in the dust,
in the whispered silence,
in the fires - dead and cold,
in the open door,
and the night outside.

My heart was numb
until I felt your absence,
until my skin cracked in pain
missing your touch,
needles from your eyes,
the bruises from your teeth,
the sweat from your breath,
the whisper of your love.

And then I knew -
you were gone forever!
Enough was not the same it was before - 
you tired of the games,
grew old from the rains,
weary from the pain,
exhausted from the searching,
heartless from the findings.

I knew before I lost you - 
you've lost me a million times.
We ran towards each other
in the wrong directions.
Around the globe we went
to find ourselves in one.
Reached different worlds,
only in our pain together.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

ME: Today I killed

Today I killed.

What love was left in me is dead,
stifled by reason and by pain.

Burned us both to ash,
to stop the fire from raging,
to dry the tears and sear the hearts.

Today I crawled out of my soul - 
an empty husk of hope and dreams,
left it wither in the cold,
went along the way and be who they want me to.

Heartless, loveless and alone,
what loved you - dead,
what hated me - still living.

What you loved in me is gone -
the suicide of faith and of despair.

Today we died.

The poem image also appears on MeMyselfAndEla's blog here

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

ME: Untouched

Pic from Rock&Roll Bride

Would you have hated me if I had stayed?
Would you have stayed, if I hadn't run away?

I know my tears are not yours -
the sky will cry with me tonight.
Your fears were mine however
to bleed my dry into the daylight. 

The lips unkissed they hurt the most,
the skin unseen - on fire - cold,
the breath not caught had drowned me,
the words not said - had killed us.

Without a sin the sinner walks
alone again, on empty paths.
Tomorrow's sun to blind my eyes
and burn the memory off into the sky.