Saturday, February 4, 2017

ME: Never alone

In the darkness,
on the street,
in the corner,
in the shadows,
I'm never alone,
lonesome as it may be...

There's one for each - 
different and the same,
She's gougers
and we're all her children,
made from
for her! 

She's always there -
waiting quietly,
to take me home
with a whiff of air -
the breath, second to last,
She greets me
and with the last
She takes me along...

If you are ever lonesome,
my precious boy,
don't you whimper and cry
for She'll be there for you,
to take you - one day!
With her - through the darkest light
and bring you home -
to me,
breathless and calm.
You are not alone!