Sunday, May 1, 2016

Empty Page by Andrew R. Jones

Empty page in front of me waiting to be filled
a million thoughts inside of me waiting to be spilled
a lot of doubt in front of me needing to be killed
a heart that's aching painfully waiting to be stilled

Empty by Courtney Dupper

Empty hands, empty hearts
Empty love, missing parts
Beautiful covers, ugly pages
Beautiful friendships, messed up phases
Some things together, I fall apart
Someone's hurting, do you have a heart?
Time for fun, no time to care
Time for pleasure, even less to repair
Moving so quickly, always in rounds
Moving away now, can barely hear the sounds
Driving for hours, can't get away
Driving me crazy, just stay away!
Too long for me, never enough
Too much commitment, not enough stuff
Say goodbye, turn and walk
Say nothing, no need for talk
Empty tears, empty arms
Empty hands, empty hearts

Dancing Shadows -by David Harris

Leaves dance in profusion
as the sunset breezes blow
their shadows move in rhythmic motions
pirouetting on any object near.
All resident shadows glide
beneath a sunset glow
creating a world of movement
until they fall asleep
under the nights black gown.
The moon will soon arrive
with silver fingers stretching
across the black maw of night
and the Dancing shadows
turn silver under the moonlight.