Sunday, September 28, 2014

Нарисувай ми душата// Draw me my soul от Иля Велчев [BG/ENG]

Нарисувай ми душата, мила,
върху бялото платно
вместо с четка
с пръстите си нежни.
Нарисувай я засмяна
с пламнало чело
и понякога с очи дъждовни.
Нарисувай ми душата, мила,
както виждат я приятели и врагове,
(зная, истинска я виждаш само ти).
Вярвам също в погледа на времето
и в оценката на яростта
по безплодното лице на някой принц.
Скрий платното
с най-доброто в мен
(не изтривай никоя голяма грешка)
и ако душата си и аз загубя
в път и сън към райските врати
ти, платното свое, покажи ми, мила,
нека в нея да се върна,
в моята душа,
(и при тебе също,
ако зла магия ме е ослепила).
Нарисувай ми душата, мила,
с твоята душа…


Draw me my soul, my love,
on the white canvas
with your fingers
not with a brush.
Draw it smiling
With my cheeks blushing
And only sometimes with rain in my eyes.
Draw me my soul, my love,
As my friends and my enemies see it,
(I know – the true one only you can see).
I also believe in the time passing by
And the judgment of the rage
In the face of a vain prince.
Hide the canvas
With the best I have in me
(don’t erase the big flaws)
And if I lose my soul too
On my way and dream to the heaven’s gates
You, in your canvas, show me, my love,
Let me reunite with it –
With my soul
(and with you too,
If a black demon had possessed me).
Draw my soul, my love,
With your soul in one!

The translation is mine - very obviously I am not nearly as good as I should be, it's barely even a hobby, I do not have the approval of the author for this translation - for personal pleasure only :)

ME: The nightmare

I hear your words
as gunshots -
whispering in my ear,
piercing through my brain
leaving me numb
on the bottom of the tub.

I see your eyes
like needles of glass -
knitting in my heart,
opening my veins,
draining my blood
on the floor of your days.

ME: Mono world

In your mono world
I was the color,
erased with the water
of my own tears.

I hope you are happy
in your 2D universe,
once I’m gone
forever into the void.

I wish I could
sneak in a brush
into your life
and paint you a heart.

But I know now
these dreams are all empty
I’m diluting away
erased by you – heartless.