Monday, January 11, 2016

ME: New year but not quite

They said the year changed,
I didn't notice.
They said the luck is new,
I don't have it.
They say the life is new,
it isn't.
New places, new faces -
old fears, old aches.
New year for new beginnings -
old blood in the old wounds.
New year for a new awakening,
nightmares turn around the clock.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Poem for the New Year by Peter Rosegger

A bit more of peace and a bit less debate, 

a bit more of kindness and a bit less of hate, 
a bit more of love and forget jealousy, 
and more of the truth - now that sets us free!

Not so much of strife but of peace to pursue, 
not so much of I but a bit more of You, 
not fear nor despondence but more enterprise 
and strength to take action - now that would be wise!

No sadness and darkness but light let us show, 
no burning desire but a joyful let-go, 
with many more flowers to brighten the fate,
and not just on graveyards - for then it's too late! 

Friday, December 25, 2015

На Коледа се случват чудеса!

На Коледа се случват чудеса,
дори това невероятно да изглежда,
нетърпеливо чакат я, големи и деца,
със трепет във сърцата и надежда.
Дали добрият старец тази нощ,
подаръци ще сложи под елхата,
дали добър си бил или пък лош,
по-важно е какво ти е в душата.
Със пожелания за здраве, берекет,
за дълголетие, любов и радост,
в живота си да имате късмет
и нека да е вечна младост.

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